Home Sharing: A New and Profitable Substitute for Seniors!

In terms of their living arrangements, the cost of senior housing, healthcare, and longer life spans are all donating in seniors requiring to be more creative and think outside of the box! A shared housing situation can be advantageous for several reasons:

  • From a health and cognitive standpoint, a home environment is always ideal if possible.
  • The number of seniors living alone and experiencing loneliness and resulting depression is on the rise. Living alone is never advised!
  • Seniors are living longer and need to maximize their funds and resources for when and if care is needed.
  • There are many seniors who do not have the chance to attend as many outings and events as they used to. Some seniors do not want to be left out alone or do not feel comfortable attending events and programs. Having friends living with you offers daily support and socialization opportunities. It also helps many seniors to try new things when they have a buddy to try them together!
  • Sharing the costs equally for home related items can help those rooming together to maximize funds! Meals for three are often easier to produce than meals for one, etc. A cleaning service cost can be split, and resources can be maximized.
  • It is also easier to share in chores and home related tasks when they are spread out. People can continue to feel purpose and not need to rely upon others to do tasks as much when shared!
  • Finally, there are clearly psychological, emotional, spiritual, and physical health benefits that come from home sharing and the companionship, socialization, and personal relationship aspects!

As delightful as this all sounds, there are also some items to strongly consider before safely moving forward:

House rules are important. First, you need to fix some house rules in terms of guests, shared expenses, pets, home responsibilities, what you consider financial stability, and more. Be clear in determining these rules and limits. Be true to yourself and ensure that you have all items of importance addressed when doing this list.

Second, use this list to take the lead in forming questions to ask potential roommates. For example:

  • What do you value most in life?
  • How would you describe your ideal roommate?
  • What are your living habits? Clean, messy, organized?
  • What would your friends and references say about you?
  • What is your biggest weakness and strength?
  • Do you consider yourself financially responsible and stable?
  • What chores do you like to do?
  • Are you social or a home body?
  • What really bothers you? What are your pet peeves?
  • Do they have a living will, advanced directive, and power of attorney? Have they planned their future?

These are examples of many questions that can be asked depending upon your focus!

Finally, ensure that you check into the potential roommate online. Search on social media such as Facebook to friend them. Ask if they will provide at least two references and be open to a background check.

Do your homework well, set the boundaries and groundwork before moving forward and you will have a successful outcome!

Why You Should Stay at My House…. Instead of A Hotel?

A house will charge over $300 a night as house rental. Most people would say that at that price they’d rather stay at a fancy hotel.

But if you think about it, you’ll realize that you’ll save a bundle staying at a house.

First of all, you get free parking…. The fancy hotel will charge at least $15 per day. Then you get a fully equipped kitchen. The hotel won’t allow you in there’s unless they hire you at minimum wage.

In a house you’ll get a coffee pot and free coffee. The hotel will charge you $12 for a small pot.

At a house you’ll get a fridge. Go to the grocery and buy $50 worth of food for snacks and drinks, cook breakfast in the kitchen, have one cocktail hour on the back deck overlooking the western sky and you can just imagine the savings instead of going to a restaurant or bar.

It’s not important that you must stay in and cook every meal at the house and be hermits on your vacation! But just one lunch, one breakfast and an afternoon drink or two and you’ll save some serious cash. A couple cocktails at a restaurant bar will cost you $30 with tax and tip! And who can have just a couple?!

It’s the little incidentals that cost you on a vacation and when you add those up you really save a lot. Think about it!